Medical Billing Services

BMC is among the leading Medical Billing companies that provides excellent client services to your  Medical Practice by ensuring error-free Electronic Medical Billing claims processing. Our Error-Free Guarantee gives us the ability to maximize as well as expedite each and every reimbursement. The BMC team of professionals are electronic Medical billing and coding specialists that can provide online medical billing services for most types of health care specialties.

Medical Billing Company

•    Medical Billing Services. What is the best way to process my claims so that the insurance companies reimburse me on a quick and steady pace?
•    What is the proper way to clean up and process a claim form so that the insurance companies accept them without any hassle?
•    How do I ensure that my claims are being paid to the maximum potential?

•    How do I efficiently collect on claims that have either been underpaid or denied?
•    Professional Medical Billing is very time consuming…What steps should I take in order to have more time for patients?

Electronic Medical Billing 

Medical Billing Companies. In this day and age, every penny counts. In an economy
where every dollar earned is hard to come by, outsource medical billing drastically reduces your expense while giving you the time and freedom to build and maintain your practice. By using an outsourced electronic medical billing service, your time can be spent concentrating on keeping your patients happy and healthy, thus increasing and maximizing your profits.

The Medicare Difference… Our team of certified medical billers knows how difficult it can be to deal with Medicare. Continued education is crucial to ensure the highest level of reimbursement. Being in the industry, we have seen many medical billing services that do not take the time to research and understand what each state is looking for on submitted Medicare Billing claims. We are always staying ahead of the curve, and will take the time necessary to make sure your Medicare claims are processed properly.

Medical Billing Services We Offer 

BMC is a professional Medical Billing Company that offers Medical Billing Services for doctors and practitioners nationwide. BMC is committed to conducting business in an effective and professional manner by helping family doctors eliminate the hard work associated with electronic insurance claims.

BMC – Medical Billing Services

Electronic Claims Submissions 

Paper Claims are becoming a thing of the past. While we do provide paper submissions, electronic claim submissions is the most efficient way to get reimbursed quickly. Our practice management software allows us to bill our claims within a 24 hr period, enabling you to receive payment on a faster and more consistent pace. Almost all insurance companies are now accepting electronic claims which is why outsourcing your billing has become possible.

HIPAA compliance review 

BMC is committed to conducting business in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Privacy standards have been set up by the Department of Health and Human Services in order to ensure the protection of a patient’s health information from unauthorized disclosure. The Final Privacy Rule requires covered entities that transmit any health info in electronic form to maintain the confidentiality of all individually identifiable information. We conduct comprehensive compliance reviews in order to monitor and audit HIPAA rules

Accounts Receivable Management 

Our account managers are responsible for making sure that all of your aged receivables are IN CONTROL. We are relentless at resolving any lingering denied or underpaid claims. Our goal is to collect as much potential revenue as possible by always reviewing aged receivables, and bringing your balances owed to a minimum. Your reimbursements will be managed and reviewed in detail to make sure that every dollar is accounted for.

Medical Coding Review and Assistance 

Without proper medical coding of all ICD-10 and CPT’s, insurance companies will not reimburse you. Medical coding must be input properly on claims forms in order to ensure maximum reimbursements for your services. Our medical coding specialists are experts at reviewing the codes that you have provided and making sure that they are billed correctly. Insurance Companies, especially Medicare, will not reimburse you unless you prove medical necessity. Our team of specialists are here to make sure you get paid. We check and re-check all medical coding on each and every claim form submitted

Physician Credentialing 

Whether you are starting a new practice, enrolling in Medicare, adding a physician to your group, or updating necessary insurance information, our team is here to eliminate that burden and guide you through all the necessary steps. We will provide full assistance in all the correspondence, time and energy needed in order for you to practice and profit.

Generating Reports 

Our practice management software allows us to generate all types of financial reports that you deem necessary. Whether its daily, weekly, or monthly we can provide you with reports across all levels. We can access summarized or detailed reports such as individual patient reports, submitted claims reports, receivables reports, and many other customized reports that you may need.

We Specialize in the following Specialies:

•    Family Medicine
•    Chiropractic
•    Physical Therapy
•    Pediatric
•    Psychiatry
•    Radiology
•    Neurology
•    Neurosurgery
•    Cardiology
•    General Surgery
•    Internal Medicine
•    Plastic Surgery
•    Oncology
•    OB/Gyn
•    ENT
•    Podiatry
•    Urology
•    Pain Management
•    Rheumatology
•    Orthopedic

Advantages Of Outsourcing Medical Billing

There has never been a better time to outsource your medical billing. There are many electronic medical billing advantages. With the arrival of electronic claims submissions, outsourcing medical billing has finally become a possibility. This proven system is the best approach to getting medical electronic claims submissions compensated to its full potential, while increasing the pace at which you get paid.

Medical Billing Advantages 

The level of difficulty in receiving reimbursement has never been greater. Constant changes to government regulation and insurance company policies make medical billing a difficult part of the healthcare industry. Knowing these regulations and policies is no longer enough to be successful at processing claims properly. A lot of time needs to be dedicated in order to get full compensated for the medical Billing services that you are providing. Due to all of these issues concerning medical claims processing, finding a medical billing service that is cost-effective and an expert in the industry can be difficult. The way to alleviate these questions is to learn and understand outsource medical billing advantages.

Consider the following cost reductions when outsourcing your medical billing

•    Payroll expense
•    Payroll Tax expense
•    Employee Health Insurance Expense
•    Necessary Continued Education Expense
•    Postage and Electronic Claims Submission Expense
•    Office Supply Expense
•    Storage Expense
•    Software Upgrades and Support Expense
•    Time Expense
•    Employee turnover and Personnel Issues

BMC billing being among the best medical billing companies allows you to focus on practicing medicine instead of dealing with the task of billing, collection, and follow-up. We are here to save you money, save you time, and maximize your profits.